Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do Hearing Students really know about Deaf culture and ASL??


Deaf dating said...

I hearing, but I'm dating a Deaf person and learning ASL from my partner but also from classes.

I am greatly interested in the deaf society and I would like to learn more about it.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was visiting an ASL class and one student was fooling around. The teacher asked the student to leave the classroom. I was saying to myself, "whoa." The teacher had the right to do that because it's her classroom and other students want to learn ASL. The teacher didn't want any distractions. So I'd recommend that ASL teacher to tell the student to leave the classroom if the student wears the headphone and listens to the music.

Anonymous said...

No one can know everything about another culture until you have lived amongst those people. If this person happens to be a CODA then there is the possibility that they would know a lot about Deaf culture. Even so, the big headed attitude is not helpful to others in the classroom. I agree the teacher to ask that student to leave until they are prepared to work together with the other students and not be a distraction to the other students.

Moi said...

That's kind of upsetting and disrespectful, and against the rules, also. You should encourage that student to take action and speak with the deaf teacher in private to let him know what is going on.

ASL Risen said...

That's a shame! Good luck on visiting that class next week! Let us know what's going on! That hearing student deserves no certified interpreter! Tough for them! I am not interesting in attitude interpreters now days!

B.A.D. said...

Hey DWC :-)

1. Music should NOT be in class. I'm surprised the Deaf Instructor did NOT tell the student to put the music away.

2. Since the student "knows" it all, the other students should approach that student and "test" the student's knowledge.

3. Since it bothered the other studen(s) that he/she is playing the music, should address the teacher and tell the teacher that it is bothering them with the music and losing concentration.

4. The Deaf instructor should have "Zero Tolerance" in the class, it seems the Deaf Instructor is lazy as well for not telling the student to turn the music/Ipod OFF!!!

GOOD LUCK when you visit the class, like ASL Risen says, keep us POSTED!!!

deafworldchamp said...

It s great that you are learning ASL and deaf culture. It is not necessary for some students who acted out like that in classroom. I told my friend that she should tell her professor. She will do it in private when that student act out again. I think it is the best thing to do. When i am planning to go visit and if i ever see student like that, i would approach her and challenge her or something. of course i will let you all know in the next vlog!

In the behind meaning, she thinks she know everything by the way she act in classroom with other students. It could be her approach like she wants to help deaf people with her interpreting. It is not a right thing to do. We dont need a help from the interpreters.

Thanks for all your comments!

Anonymous said...

The Moi that posted here, stop saying you're "Moi." There's a blogger that's been "moi" for a long time. Don't confuse people, please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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mishkazena said...

It sounds like the teacher may not be in charge in her classroom : / The students shouldn't be listening to their ipods. It's not fair for the other students, either.

Really the students should respect the teacher by not voicing and if anyone does voice, their classmates should shush them. If they don't, they are actually enabling the disrespect.

Anonymous said...

*giggles* I see you're getting improved every vlog


keep it up :):):) in no time, you'd be pei pei without having to look at whatever you were to keep up what you were saying..hehehehehehe...yes i know you, baby. love u!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

however, that student is just lame. just plainly lame..... being adult and taking a class that
(s)he wasnt forced to take...or even major (or to work in the field of interpret) (s)he should have been more civilized. I am sorry to see and hear that there are people like that in this hypocrisy world.