Thursday, May 1, 2008

"I dont like hearing people"....


B.A.D. said...

Hey DWC -

Gooood to see you Vlogging again!!!

Yes I'm sure alot of us had gone thru that experience, even today.

It's not the HEARING people themselves, its how they "communicate" with us....UH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb DiGi said...

You said that you didn't like hearing people when you were young and I find it interesting that my daughter said the same thing when she was 7. At that time, she did not have a good experience with her neighbors who are actually mean. But I explained to her that not all hearing people are like that so she knows. Facilitating positive experience for her when interacting with hearing people is possible but it all depends on their behavior and acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remembered that I told teacher that I hate hearing people!

John Critser said...

I have been learning a lot about myself over the past few years and the transformation has been very slow, but I have gone from anti-hearing to loving both hearing and Deaf people. The bible talks a lot about "loving thy neighbor," hearing or Deaf. It is not easy to do that because hearing people can be complete inept with writing on notepads with us, if we can't communicate with them orally, and their views are Mars as opposed to we (Venus) are.

It's just about learning to respect one another and look at the heart instead of the outward appearance, the moving lips that confound us. Hearing people may at times seem dominant, but we shouldn't view it that way because it causes us to hate hearing people. Deaf people can do anything except hear, and if we take this attitude we will be very friendly with hearing people.

Hate is a sign of insecurity. It's not our fault. It brews over time, stemming from unpleasant experiences with hearing classmates, hearing neighbors, hearing members of the church, hearing members of the family. They do not necessarily understand Deaf people and the feelings inside us, so the incomptability causes feelings of hate, of indifference, thinking that the other is ignorant.

Hate also breeds cancer. We want to avoid all elements of hate to stay healthy mentally even physically because hate can consume us and cause us to go backwards.

But we can protest in a healthy way, when it's called for, and bring to attention issues instead of just feeling one thing- hate. Your vlog was a very healthy, a very sound, and a very clearly expressive one.

Some hearing people don't take it upon themselves to educate themselves about Deaf culture. What more can I say but overlook their oversight and shower them with love? They'll respect and investigate more how they can become more compatible with Deaf people, if we show nothing but love.

Tara said...

I do remember not liking hearing people and feel that they don't understand is like they have to be Deaf to actually understand us.


Anonymous said...

im hearing.and i've always and still is trying to find a way to understand deaf culture. i always feel im imposing in on the deaf community even when trying to involve myself. every chance i get i try to ask advice from my aunt who is deaf and apart of the deaf community.i've always have been trying to find a way to learn with out doing something wrong. I want to try to unite the deaf and hearing people. i dont think there should be a makes me disapointed when i find one person of ignorance taking over a whole community deaf or hearing. but i also completely understand that there just are some stupid hearing people who dont get the fact that not everyone looks,acts, or has the same culture. i know i could never possibly know what it is to be deaf but i'm always looking to scratch the service and take what i can get to help educate other.

RLM said...


Whoa! Kids at very early age, often express unfiltered (honest and uncensored) thoughts.

Your thoughts about hating the hearing people reveals your inner feelings about particular people were spectacular at your own early age.

John Crister said beautifully about the revelation of young children expressed themselves due to the given surroundings.

I never experienced such hatred for hearing people, but managed to outwit, outsmart and outmanuever them from time to time for my own survival.

Of course, many hearing staff members and teachers often made an example of me by demeaning me or gave me harsh punishments.

I was once forced to sit on the concrete surface during very and very cold weather like the 20s temperature. The hearing houseparent hoped to break me down to be a submissive being, but I kept defied all the paternalistic hearing staffs and teachers all the time.

Luckily, my hearing sister spied on me thru the school wired fence and ran all the way to inform my mother what the school done to me like that. My mother immediately came down to the school and confronted the staff members what they were trying to do to me.

I was physically assaulted almost daily by hearing staff members and teachers because I was too assertive, not submissive. I always questioned the sense of authority with questions of WHY we have to do??

For example, our deaf boys group were ordered to take the shower in the middle of day (weekend) without any good reason. The local adult visitors checked out us in the shower without our clothes or grab anything to hide our private parts. The hearing houseparent somewhat made the deal with the locals of browsing us, deaf kids aged from 4 to 8. I never forgot that! I knew something wrong about this shower moment.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Anonymous said...

As a hearing person with a deaf son, I took the time to learn sign language because I wanted to communicate with him. Most of the hearing world see the deaf community as valued but hard to communicate be patient with us, reaching out helps and people always respond in kind. There is always the pencil and paper. It is not unlike trying to learn Spanish, or French, it takes time and determination, usually because there is a need. I'm sorry that people hate the hearing, it may be that it is hard to be misunderstood or people show a lack of patience sorry

Anonymous said...

I was once accused of someone who said that I didn't like hearing person and that I was discriminating against hearing people. I was really taken aback about this statement. Of course, I do feel frustrated with hearing people especially if they feel that deaf people are not capable of what they can do and want to control us, then I start to feel very uncomfortable around them. I guess it is because I grew up with them and could not communicate with them and the feelings are still in there. I try to work through my feelings and I would like to see more discussions on how we can handle hearing people without them thinking that we hate them or whatever. There has to be a way for it because we need to prove to the world that we can do it and to break down the barriers.