Monday, June 4, 2007

Dunkin Donut


B.A.D. said...


That happens in this world. BUT I've been noticing lately that people skipping deaf customers, or quickly try to avoid deaf cusomters.

We need to be UPfront and say hey *waving hands* "I was here FIRST!"

The time is NOW to START!!!!!

mishkazena said...

Oh, jeez. Kudos to you for complaining to the manager. I bet that worker wouldn't dream of making that mistake again.

Squ65 said...

Good job for complaining to the boss. Some people just don't know how to deal with a Deaf person like you! I hope he will learn a lesson. I have no problem with Dunkins Donut people. I am a frequent customer. Only one block from my home. lol Even before I came up to the door, my cup of coffee was already served! They know me too well.

While waiting in the loooong line - Sometimes hearing who stands behind me taps my shoulder for my attention.


Anonymous said...

Hi, yeah it happened to me once but I couldn't remember where at...just some years ago. I didn't go to the manager, I should have. So good job on your part.

Funny you brought up Dunkin Donut, from where I live I read in newspaper few days ago that Dunkin Donut is opening up 80 stores soon in around Midwest states.

Judge said...

My wife's trip to DD is everyday thing and the people over there are soo friendly with her and they know her preference and they serve her very well!

On several occasion, I go with her. Then, the people remember who I am and next time I go there and they just make coffee and stuff for my wife without asking me first!

Nice?? :)

Mikey said...

Funny you brought up Dunkin Donuts,

I go to Dunkin Donuts almost everyday and the people there knows I'm Deaf and they know exact what I want... They're quite good, there are times when I noticed there are several people going in (including me) and the staff looked at us and got us all what we usually ordered... it takes probably less than 2 mins to go in and out!

When I go to another DD, I have to take my time and explain what I want (writing down paper) and they usually are good with that. Never experience what you just did. Kudos for you to address this complaint to the manager and accept the man's apology. What you did the next day was a class act. You've taught him to be more sensitive in a positive light.

Kudos to you!

DeafWoman said...

Wow!! That must've made you felt so low, but not for long as you stood your ground and let it be known...we've gone through routine for too long to let them push us down, no more of that, we will SIGN to them and see how low they'll fee, then they will understand how we felt! Some are just scared and feel helpless...yeah, wimps! Lol!

Anonymous said...

KUDOS for telling manager about the porblem, don't let workers "degrade" u, speak up for ur rights... those hearing people need a lesson in how to communicate with us deaf ppl, by writing on paper, or at least learn some signs...

Anonymous said...

this is the only way you can fight your personal problem to make it work out by seeing the manager who can straighten the service guy to be nice and friendly to the deaf community.
I really applaud your brave action.
Signed by computer tv viewer