Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mother interpreter & Deaf daughter


David A. Martin said...

Welcome to the DCCI club. Really very few members.

I didnt have the same experience as you. My mom did not tag me to events. My mom had many Deaf friends. I am sure there are things she still learns about Deaf Culture today.

BTW DCCI stands for Deaf Child of an Certified Interpreter.

I am sure u have many funny stories as I do.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Very rare to have a "Mother Interpreter & Deaf Daugther" I have met 2 others including myself and I completely understood how you feel about mother being too involved with our Deaf life. My mom does have her own Deaf friends but Im tired of being the " Thats her Deaf Daugther!"
Hope we could set a club like this one :-)


DeafWoman said...

I think it's better for your mother to be more assertive in learning, on her own, as you've been there for her for so long, it's time for her to go on her own...she is anyway as you are now in I hope she keeps improving and mingle around with other deaf people in some events. She ought to go to Gally (AFTER you graduate, lol!) and learn more, this will help her advance even more! I applaud your mother for learning it as my family never did as my father forbade it in my family's household. Now my siblings regretted that they never learned. Feels too hard to learn now...sad, eh?